Why Dental Implants Are Good for Your Health Not Just Your Smile

A gorgeous, healthy smile is utterly captivating as well as contagious. Have you ever tried to resist smiling back at someone you pass on the street who flashed you a smile? Unfortunately, if you’re missing teeth, those magical connections don’t happen as much or at all.  It’s not so surprising that more and more people are turning to dental implants to recapture their confidence and their smiles.

When you think of dental implants, you probably think of their aesthetic value. You get to fill those embarrassing gaps caused by missing teeth with the most natural-looking, permanent replacement solution. And you don’t have to worry about gooey adhesives or uncomfortable slipping and sliding issues that some denture wearers have. Well, guess what? Dental implants also have numerous health benefits.

Basil Moukarim, DDS, and the dental team at Dental Illusions in Houston, Texas, share some insights on how dental implants are good for your health, not just good for your smile.

Dental implants fend off bone loss

When you are missing teeth, it sets off a chain reaction of changes, such as shifting of neighboring teeth, but perhaps the most dramatic change happens in your bones. Your teeth’s roots not only act as a means to keep your teeth firmly planted so that you can dive into that delicious steak. More importantly, the roots in your teeth stimulate your jawbone, keeping it healthy and sturdy.

When the roots no longer exist because a tooth or teeth are missing, the bone begins to break down. That’s why you may notice that sunken look with people who have missing teeth. It makes you look older and distorts your face’s natural shape. Dental implants fuse to your bone recreating that all-important connection to the healthy bone structure. There’s no need to look any older than you are.

Improved oral health

Dental implants provide the next best thing to your natural teeth, which eliminates the issue of missing teeth and surrounding healthy teeth that try to fill the space by shifting and moving into crooked positions. These conditions make it more difficult to brush and floss properly, making your more prone to gum disease and tooth decay. If gum disease was the problem that initially caused your tooth loss, missing teeth further complicate the problem. Dental implants can restore order in your mouth and get you back to practicing good at-home oral care for years of smiles.

Enhanced quality of life

Perhaps the best health benefit that dental implants provide is an enhanced quality of life. When you look good, you feel good, and everyone around you will know it. When you lack self-confidence, you tend to keep to yourself and shy away from socializing. I don’t know about you, but being able to eat all my favorite foods allows me to live a fuller life. Dental implants can provide the best do-over for missing teeth, and once you start smiling, you won’t want to stop, and that’s a very good thing.

If you have been thinking about getting dental implants and want to learn more, contact Basil Moukarim, DDS, at Dental Illusions in Houston at his NW Houston Champion Forest and West University, Texas, locations. Book your appointment online, or call today.

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