Dental Crowns

When you have a fracture, deep decay, or other problems with a tooth that Dr. Saliba or Dr. Moukarim are unable to repair, they will fit the tooth with a porcelain crown. A dental crown, also known as a cap, fits over the top of your tooth to help preserve it. It can also replace missing teeth to return your beautiful smile and the full functionality of your mouth.

The dentists at Dental Illusions are well-known for their high quality of work in creating and placing dental crowns. Except in severe cases, this technology makes it possible to correct serious dental problems without having to extract the tooth. Best of all, you can expect your new crown to last 20 to 30 years before requiring replacement. Our dentists strive to make your porcelain crown blend in with your other natural teeth so that your dental work is not obvious to others. We can also replace existing fillings and crowns that have worn down or broken.

What to Expect When Receiving Your Dental Crown

You should plan to make at least two separate visits to Dental Illusions. At the first visit, Dr. Saliba or Dr. Moukarim will remove any decay and shape your tooth. He will then place a temporary crown made from plastic or metal over it. Your dentist will remove your temporary crown during your second visit. He will also fit and adjust your crown before cementing it into place. You will leave our office with a beautiful and healthy-looking tooth. We feel that dental crowns offer many advantages, including:

  • An alternative to implants and dentures for missing teeth
  • Supports badly broken or misshapen teeth
  • Natural in appearance
  • Corrects problems with chewing

Materials Used in Dental Crowns

Normal aging, diseases, and trauma to the mouth can all create problems that require a dental crown. We use porcelain bonded to gold or high-grade porcelain. The high strength and quality ensures correction of the most serious dental issues.

It’s common for people to develop unexplained pain in back teeth that contain fillings. The pain results due to a hairline crack in the chewing surface of the tooth. Fortunately, this problem can be repaired easily with a dental crown. With front teeth, older fillings can weaken the structure of the tooth and cause chips or stains. This can be even more problematic because your front teeth are easier to see when you smile.

Some people receive porcelain veneers on front teeth, but not everyone is a good candidate for them. A dental crown can preserve the tooth while improving appearance at the same time.