Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a permanent foundation for Dr. Saliba or Dr. Moukarim to attach your replacement teeth. The function and feel of dental implants rivals that of your natural teeth. Best of all, you can eat nearly any food you like and smile with confidence once your dentist has placed the dental implants and secured your new teeth to them.

The implants consist of titanium rods that your dentist screws into your jawbone in the areas where you have missing teeth. Once installed, the rods fuse with your natural bone in a process known as osseointegration. This can take several months to achieve. Besides their natural appearance and function, dental implants help to preserve your facial integrity. You won’t have to worry about unwanted sagging as can sometimes happen with removable dentures.

What to Expect at Your Dental Implant Evaluation

Dental implants can be a great option for people missing only a single tooth, those who no longer have any of their natural teeth, and everyone in between. If you’re considering this tooth replacement option, please contact Dental Illusions to request a dental and radiographic examination. We will also ask you to complete a health history prior to this appointment.

After completing an oral exam, Dr. Saliba or Dr. Moukarim will let you know if you appear to be a good candidate for dental implants. Any member of our team is happy to answer your questions so you know exactly what to expect going forward.

Your First Phase of Treatment

As mentioned above, your dentist first places titanium rods in your jawbone to act as artificial roots for your replacement teeth. These rods, called abutments, also hold your new teeth in place. We can provide you with a set of temporary dentures while you wait for the process of osseointegration to take place. It’s important to stick to a soft diet while wearing dentures. Our restorative dentist will begin the process of creating your final denture or bridgework during this part of the process as well.

Completing Treatment

Once Dr. Saliba or Dr. Moukarim feels confident that healing and fusion have taken place, you’re reading to move on to the final phase of treatment. Your dentist uncovers your implants and then attaches a small healing collar. He starts the process of creating your replacement teeth by first taking an impression of your top and bottom jaws. After receiving the molds back from our laboratory, your dentist is ready to connect your implants to the attachments and attach your new teeth.

It takes an average of six to eight months to complete the process of receiving dental implants. We will let you know exactly what to expect at each appointment so you experience minimal disruption to your everyday life.