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When your wisdom teeth emerge in your late teens or early 20s, it’s common to have problems that can lead to pain and other dental problems. Basil Moukarim, DDS, offers expert care when removing wisdom teeth at the Houston-area Dental Illusions located in West University, Texas. If you’re concerned about your wisdom teeth and are looking for a friendly and compassionate dentist, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Wisdom Teeth Q & A

What are wisdom teeth?

Your wisdom teeth are your third set of molars. They’re called wisdom teeth because they emerge later than your other adult teeth — typically in your late teens or early 20s, when you are older and “wiser.”

Many people’s wisdom teeth erupt without any problems. In some cases, there isn’t enough room in your jaw to accommodate your wisdom teeth, which can cause overcrowding or impaction — the condition when your wisdom teeth get stuck in your gum, which is painful and can lead to an infection.

Do I need to remove my wisdom teeth?

The only way to know for sure whether to remove your wisdom teeth is to have regular checkups with your dentists at Dental Illusions. If they see problems with your wisdom teeth, they’ll let you know and discuss your options with you.

If you need an extraction, Dr. Moukarim may sedate you. They will thoroughly numb your gums before using special dental tools to loosen your wisdom teeth and gently pull them from their sockets.

If your wisdom teeth are severely impacted, your dentist may recommend surgical extraction. Your dentist will discuss your surgical options.

How should I take care of my mouth and teeth after an extraction?

You’ll need someone to drive you home after your extraction, as you’ll be recovering from mild sedation. Dr. Moukarim will pack your sockets with moist gauze to stop any bleeding. It should stay in place for at least 45 minutes.

You need to be gentle when you brush your teeth and take care around the extraction sites. Because blood clots will form on your extraction sites, you should avoid rinsing your mouth with normal mouthwash; instead, you can make a solution of ½ teaspoon of salt and lukewarm water. You should also avoid hot drinks and use a straw for cool liquids.

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